Netflix On iOS Now With HD Streaming And AirPlay


Netflix On iOS Now With HD Streaming And AirPlay

The new Netflix iOS app adds two features that we know you will enjoy: HD and AirPlay.   Netflix know many of you watch Netflix on your iPhone and iPad.  The updated Netflix iOS app will stream Netflix in HD on any iOS 7 device.     Make sure you are watching a title that’s available in HD and have a fast enough Internet connection.

With Netflix’s latest app, you can now also start streaming over AirPlay. This new feature is very simple and works on all iOS 7 devices:

  • ·         Choose a title to watch on your iPhone or iPad and start playback
  • ·         If there is an Apple TV device connected to the same Wifi network, an Airplay icon appears
  • Press the Airplay icon and playback will move to your Apple TV

Use your iPhone or iPad as a remote control for the Apple TV during AirPlay.    You can pause, seek, select audio or subtitles and stop playback from your iPhone or iPad.

To make this even easier use the lock screen functionality (iOS 7) in our new iOS app during AirPlay.  And you can continue to use other apps like email on your phone while using Airplay with Netflix.

If you’ve updated your app and don’t yet see HD or AirPlay, please be patient. The features will roll out to all members who have the latest Netflix app (version 5.0) by mid-October.