Trampoline – New Irish Feature Film

‘Trampoline’, a new, independently produced, Irish feature film which was made for less than €1000, is now being entered into film festivals around the globe in the hopes of securing distribution.

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This film Trampoline, has me excited! This is what I love! an Irish made film which is very relavent. Based on the trailer its about a young 20 something year old coming home only to be awakened from the false reality that the past 4 years of studying might have been a complete and utter waste of time and her choice (stupid CAO!) might have been an incorrect one. (…at least college is good craic) Obviously we also have other issues which come to light in the film and the character has to come to terms with them.

Directed by Tom Ryan who clearly is ridiculously talented and motivated irish filmmaker ((also a sound chap as I spoke to him briefly; we like him)). You can already tell from the trailer that the performance by the main actor Aoife Spratt ((who is really pretty; I am a tad smitten)) is powerful. Clearly a lot of thought, effort and passion was put into this and it is going to be on my must watch this year and I can’t wait to review it! I wish them all the best of luck with it! 🙂
– Press Release –

‘Trampoline’, which was written and directed by Tom Ryan, follows a young woman named Angie (played by Aoife Spratt) who moves back to her local town in Tipperary after she is offered a job teaching at her old school, forcing her to reconnect with her old friends and broken family. While struggling to get her personal life in order she also comes to the difficult realization that she is not cut out for a career as teacher, and must try to figure out the next step in her life.

Director Tom Ryan studied film in Dublin and Cork before moving to New York where he worked as a camera intern on some independent movies over there including Todd Solondz’s ‘Dark Horse’ and Steve McQueen’s ‘Shame. ‘Working as an intern for the camera department in those movies was a massive learning experience for me. I was trained in by cinemtographer Andrij Parekh who was a big hero of mine. I learned a lot about filmmaking at a very young age from working on those sets and observing everybody at work. ‘

Upon returning home to Ireland, Tom set about writing the script for his first feature film. Set and shot in his hometown of Nenagh, Co. Tipperary, ‘Trampoline’ tells the story of a young girl at a loss with herself after moving back home from college. ‘I think that it’s a very relatable story for most people in their twenties and it’s a subject matter that hasn’t really been dealt with before in Irish film.’ said Tom.

Setting the film in Nenagh meant that Tom was able to raise a small but helpful budget through the kind sponsorship of local businesses in the town. Local shops sponsored the film for a small sum in exchange for having their store be featured in the film. “It was a very effective way of raising the money we needed to shoot the movie and we were thrilled that the town came together to help support the project.” said Tom.

‘I’m a very big fan of American Indie Cinema and in particular the mumblecore movies from directors like Jay Duplass and Joe Swansberg. I really wanted to bring that kind of approach to Irish film. I think it’s a fantastic style that audiences here may not be aware of. It’s a minimalist approach in terms of the technical side of filmmaking but it leads to really natural and honest performances from the actors.’ The cast which mixes a Dublin based cast and the local theater group from Nenagh is lead by Aoife Spratt who plays the lead role of Angie Corbett.The filmmakers are hoping that the film will stand out from the crowd by featuring a strong female lead which is rare in Irish film.The film features songs from up and coming Irish acts such as Sinead White, the Notas and London based band Sisters.The film has just finished post production and is now ready to be sent out to film festivals around the world in the hopes of securing distribution. It has already received an honorable mention from the NYC Independent Film Festival.