Gemini Man (2019) by Ang Lee

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Former soldier, Henry Brogan works for a mysterious government agency, the DIA. While he decides to retire after the last contract, he discovers that he is being targeted and pursued by a mysterious young agent who looks strangely like him…
Directed by Ang Lee, Gemini Manis a fairly classic action movie. Obviously, its strong point is not to be found on the side of the scenario. The story is mainly there to allow action scenes to be linked, certainly quite effective. The film is mainly noteworthy as a technical feat: actor Will Smith plays two characters, the second being a clone of the first, much younger. It is not a facial rejuvenation technique, already used by Marvel, but a total recreation of the rejuvenated face from a “capture” of the actor (1). This special effect is perfectly realized and the result looks very natural. Whether the result provides the viewer with new sensations (as the intense communication around the film has affirmed) is more debatable …

Actors: Will Smith , Mary Elizabeth Winstead , Clive Owen , Benedict Wong.

Quicksilver (2019) by Stéphane Batut

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Just died and a soul ferryman allows her to stay a little longer to accompany the recently deceased. He now wanders in Paris in search of men and women whom he is the only one to see. He collects their last memories before guiding them to the next world. One day, he crosses paths with Agathe who seems to recognize him…
Quicksilver is written and directed by Stéphane Batut. This is his first feature film. Its main character is between the world of the dead and the world of the living. The Quicksilver title“Evokes a furtive glow, something that sparkles in the night like what Juste and Agathe suddenly experience in the film”. It is a rather beautiful story, poetic and romantic, with sweet lyrical flights underlined by music placed with great delicacy. In addition, Stéphane Batut knew very well how to use the settings of the Buttes Chaumont district to create an atmosphere that is both realistic and fantastic. The actor Thimotée Robart shows a lot of presence on the screen. Original and unique, Quicksilver is a great success.

Actors: Thimotée Robart , Judith Chemla , Saadia Bentaïeb