After Roger Moore in 2017, another iconic figure who donned the James Bond costume is leaving us. Sean Connery was the first to do so and will remain in the hearts of many as the one and only James, the one who will have most convinced by his charisma, his physique, his humor, and his obvious seductive abilities, with the actresses to whom he answered certainly, but also towards the spectator.

Shortly after the boxing of Dr. No (1962), the first film in the legendary British secret agent saga in the making, Sean Connery joined Tippi Hedren and Alfred Hitchcock on the set of No Spring for Marnie (1964), psychological drama where he stands out through a performance with nuanced and emotional play, in support of a drifting Marnie. A first clue for a young actor who had just married with a label without guessing it too much, that of a daredevil spy and killer of these ladies, whom he will fight later to get rid of permanently during the event. ” a final comeback in 1983 as a farewell in front of the camera of the director of The Empire Strikes BackNever Again Never by Irvin Kershner ).

Since so much has been seen, said and written around the figure of James Bond he played, we will prefer to pay homage to him through the other works that have made up the other part of his career, crossing the eras.

Thus, after having said stop for the first time to the number 007 with The Diamonds are Eternal (1971), the 1970s are marked by the red underpants that he puts on for John Boorman in Zardoz, an immediately kitsch sci-fi film but especially of great old-fashioned adventure films, including The Lion and the Wind (1975, John Milius ), The Great Attack of the Golden Train (1978, Michael Crichton ) as well as the formidable The Man Who Wished to Be King of John Huston(1976), magnificent fresco telling the fate of two explorers playing at taking themselves for God in a small city lost in the middle of the Indies at the end of the 19th century. Sean Connery then forms a duet with Michael Caine for a show that has not aged a bit, plastically superb and with many twists and turns, coupled with a discourse on primary nature and the insatiable thirst for conquests of the man who makes always think about it.

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